Monday, March 12, 2012

Cleaning-up radioactivity

[I wanted to go full steam ahead with more Titanic posts but a couple unfinished posts on radioactivity (last month's mania) are clogging the pipeline]

Clive Cussler wrote a cold war thriller I read called Raise the Titanic. In his story, a unique element call "byzantium" is thought to be locked in a safe on board. The mineral is needed for a new weapon and sets off a clandestine race to get at it. The ship is refloated (nobody believed Jack Thayer's story that she had broken in two). There is also a Geraldo moment when the safe is opened which James Cameron must have copied decades later in his 1997 opus Titanic. I already noted how the story of fictional Rose Dawson was inspired by the real life Sheila Mitchell

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