Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Titanic Centennial: the American and British Inquiries

I found this website which may send me into a reading frenzy: link

Gotta love the internet!


  1. The Court, having carefully inquired into the circumstances of the above mentioned shipping casualty, finds, for the reasons appearing in the annex hereto, that the loss of the said ship was due to collision with an iceberg, brought about by the excessive speed at which the ship was being navigated.

    Thank you. Clear. Concise.

    Then back it up with the annexed portion of the report.

    The Brits know how to do an inquiry.

    This is not directly on point, but British examination of early jet airplane failures became the model adopted by the FAA in examination of U.S. civilian accidents (including the technique of assembling the wreckage best as could be to determine loss).

  2. I went to the Titanic museum in Halifax Canada and it was pretty cool.

    They had Celine Dion bobble head dolls.