Friday, August 13, 2010

I am connascent with Mad Men

There is a very brief close-up in Season 1, Episode 1 of Mad Men of a calendar dated March 1960 which is my birth month/year (linkage). I am connascent with the storyline of this TV show.  Connascent was my response to a word challenge posed by amba over here and is supposed to convey the notion of "being born at the same time" in a historical sense.

Most of the characters in Mad Men already have quite a few years on them in 1960.  That explains why I haven't found anyone to identify with yet. I mean, some of the characters remotely resemble some of the grownup people I recall from back then. But growing up in the backwater of Madison and semi-rural Wisconsin is a far cry from Manhattan. Maybe I should start looking at some of the kids (i.e., baby Gene) for self identity. Maybe I should give it up. My recollections of 1965 are being around lots and lots of other kids.  I'm not getting that feeling from Mad Men.

If you don't follow Twitter you should do it just to follow the Mad Men "live-tweeting" remarks on Sunday nights by @vbspurs and @kngfish.


  1. Crap I just noticed that somehow a little advertisement slipped into that little clip I posted. It still jumps to where I wanted it too though.

    I'm still looking for a screen grab still of that calendar in Season 1 Episode 1.

  2. That explains why I haven't found anyone to identify with yet.

    I bet if they had a chemist on there you wouldn't have a problem!

    I identify with Peggy.

  3. I bet if they had a chemist on there you wouldn't have a problem!

    Hey maybe they'll write in an Owsley type charachter just for me.