Tuesday, August 3, 2010

50 Years Of MyTunes: 1963

US Birthrates (per thousand people) vs. Year
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Demographics are telling. Consider that the avant-boomers were just turning 18 in 1963 and that the real middle of the demographic bulge was yet to enter puberty. Holy producer-consumer symbiosis!  But I'm not saying anything new so I'll shut up.

Here are the contenders for best song of 1963.  Notice that I had to give the Beatles a poll of their own. Please vote early and vote often.

Anything by The Beatles in 1963 (see special poll below)
Anything by The Beach Boys off Surfin' USA
My Boyfriend's Back ~ The Angels
Louie Louie ~ The Kingsmen
Blowing in the Wind ~ Bob Dylan
Surf City  ~ Jan and Dean
Ring of Fire ~ Johnny Cash
Glad All Over ~ Dave Clark Five
Heat Wave ~ Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
On Broadway ~ Drifters
He's So Fine ~ The Chiffons
Puff the Magic Dragon ~ Peter Paul & Mary
Be My Baby ~ Ronettes
Walk Right In ~ Rooftop Singers
In Dreams ~ Roy Orbison
Surfin' Bird ~ Trashmen
Dominique ~ The Singing Nuns
Wipe Out ~ The Surfaris

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  1. I left a comment to the poll, about how I like their more artistic songs, but not sure if you'll see that comment.

  2. All in good time my Candle. All in good time.
    My mom had the Capitol Records 45 rpm with "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and I Saw Her Standing There". My brother and I wore it out ca 1964 to 1965 or so on their console stereo. I don't actually recall many off this list at the time except for "Puff" and "Dominique" which were personal favorites as a small child.

  3. Subsequent years may prove more so but 1963 is really quite the transition, isn't it? From the Beatles to beach music to folk to C&W to girl-groups. Hard to pick and you were wise to break out the Beatles from the rest of the pack. I've voted in that pole but for this one I'll go with Ring of Fire. (Though I've always like Dominique, too.)

  4. Yeah it's a tough choice and very transitional as you said. It gets worse Pete for the 25 or so years. Then oddly, the choices get easier.
    Go figger

  5. Ah. So many songs. And truly what a transitional period for music.

    I was just learning to play about that time 62-63. Briefly (for about 4 months) took lessons from Jorma Kaukonen and also Rolf Cahn for a longer period (some flaminco, classical and monstly folk stuff). I was really surprised when I moved to SF in 69 to see Jorma playing with Jefferson Airplane. I knew him as Jerry...that guy at the music store where I bought my first guitar.

    Roy Orbison rocked my socks with Blue Bayou. The range that man had as a singer. Phenominal. He used the head voice quite often

    And the Righteous Brothers ..Little Latin Lupe Lu.

    Already dropped a comment about the Kingston Trio...they were great.

    Sam Cooke...what a tragic loss

  6. Already dropped a comment about the Kingston Trio...they were great.

    Yeah thanks for that DBQ: I left you a return comment.