Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time For Cocktails: Conversations With Henry

Me: Remember that time you took me to the faculty club?

Henry: Yeah?

Me: What were you drinking? I didn't really like cocktails then.

Henry: Martini. Extra dry

Me: Gin or vodka?

Henry: That's like asking me: English or Western?

Me: I'll never forget when you said 'look, over there! -- that's Milton Friedman!'


  1. I wish darcy would show up here and give us her dirty martini recipe.

  2. Wow you saw Milton Friedman? With Henry being more of a liberal, what was his opinion at the time (if he mentioned it)?

    Heya, sorry for my blog post yesterday, I was trying to construct an incredibly dry - martini dry - inside joke, with Candle as the foil. Hope there's no hard feelings? I still drop by here and read from time to time but I am an infrequent poster.

  3. @Candle: He just pointed him out to me. My back was turned away from Friedman, so I turned and looked. They knew each other from U. of Chicago days & they were both Nobel laureates of course. But you're right, they were night and day politically. That line I threw out here was really his: "We can either build schools or prisons." That about sums up Henry's political philosophy. We didn't discuss his and MF's differences.

    And hey, no apologies! I hope there are other people besides me checking back there.

  4. I love it, you can either build schools or prisons. I would have replied, "Or you can let brave people risk it all and build businesses that hire people."

    I just saw Atlas Shrugged. I've never read the book, though I've read Fountainhead. Wow - it moved me (the movie). I thought it was incredibly well done and I can't wait for the second part.

    May 4, 2011 6:26 PM