Sunday, May 8, 2011

Horsing around in Del Mar

This is the 3rd year our family has gone to this event. My daughter rides at a local stable which is dominated by teenaged girls. I'm always amazed when I see the professionals ride because at that level, the sport is equally split, men and women.

Congratulations to Chris Pratt for winning the $100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar in California last night!

UPDATE: The event was actually horses and riders jumping link. I should have taken some of my own photos and I haven't been able to find any from Saturday night.

There were a couple of exciting moments: One horse went right up to the highest hurdle and "refused" it. The rider turned the horse around and tried again. This time the horse refused again but momentum threw the rider right over the fence. It was as if the horse said "You do it". Fortunately nobody got hurt.


  1. I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't win. If I'd known you were betting, I'd have arranged to have the race rigged in your favor.

  2. I love the track. My Uncle and I used to go to Belmont or Aqeduct about once a week. Good times.

  3. Whenever I am in Vegas these days I kind of limit myself to the ponies and sports betting. Much better chance of hitting an exacta.