Sunday, April 11, 2010

Urban Reclamation: Gardens On The Tracks

Cleveland Flats (1984)

That photo is for Jason (the commenter) who likes photos of weeds growing where you least expect them.


  1. Calling my noble plant a weed! Well, I suppose a weed is a plant that doesn't belong, but if people have abandoned a place, how can plants not belong? They didn't complain when we took the land from them, so I see no reason to slander them when they take it back.

  2. Ha! The expression "to grow like a weed" is hardly slanderous: it connotes vigor and being full of life.

    In my opinion, "weed" only became pejorative when it become associated with cannabis.

    I salute nature retaking abandoned space.

  3. Plus I took my photo in northern climes in late winter. I'll bet that during the summer that flatcar was filled with wildflowers.