Monday, April 5, 2010

Letters Home: We Got Laundrymats Here

There is a gap in the letters my father sent home that spring. In his previous letter here he was talking about going back to Wisconsin after finishing his basic training at Fort Knox, KY. The next letter that I have was written on April 6 (almost a full month later) and he is already talking about his return trip to a new camp, Fort Campbell, KY. I suspect that the intervening letter(s) was misplaced or lost.

In this letter dated April 6th, he is writing from Fort Campbell KY. He describes stopping in Aurora , IL to pick up his younger brother R. and then heading south to the base which is located near Clarksville, TN. It's unclear to me whether his brother came along (probably not) or if he just stayed with him while passing through.
April 6, 1952
Fort Campbell, KY

Dear Mom, Dad and All.

I got to Aurora 6:30 Fri. night. R. was looking for me. His place is just one block off the main street through town. I used $11.40 worth of gas and no oil or water. I still got 2/3 of a tank of gas so it really took about $8.00 for gas. The Muller boy gave me $15.00 for the ride so I got out of it cheap.
We went to Clarksville Sat. night to the show.  While my car was sitting one of the back tires went flat. I pumped it up at a station but it wasn’t flat this morning. Someone could have let the air out, or else it’s a slow leak.
I don’t know how it will be down here, but it looks ok. I caught a cold at R’s place. They sure got a big room. Of course that dray boy needs one, ha!
It rained and snowed most of the way down here. We left R's at 7:00 Sat morning and got here 4:30 Sat. afternoon. The sun is shining nice today.
I got a permit to drive my car but will see about post tags tomorrow. They cost about 50¢.
Leslie and I are in different company’s but not too far apart.
I am getting my clothes hung up and getting my footlocker straightened up.
There’s 6 other guys from Ft. Knox in this barracks so everyone is not new.
I won’t be washing my clothes by hand here. We got Laundrymats here.  It costs a quarter for a tub full.
We will be getting up at 5:00 and get done at 4:00 in the afternoon.
For the next 8 weeks we will be camping out 2 nights and 3 days of the week.  Just what I didn’t want. It won’t be too bad as long as the weather is warm.  Sure be glad when my 2 yrs are over.
The way things look I will be down here quite a while. I can’t think of anymore to say so will sign off till about Wed. night


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