Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scene At Althouse

We protect our mayors with men with guns; we protect our governors with men with guns; we protect the House and the Senate and the President, with men with guns; we protect our courts, our banks, our jewelry stores, our sports arenas, and our pawn shops, all with men with guns.
However, our most precious possessions, our children, we protect with a piece of paper and a sign (the Gun Free Zone law).
Now, in response to the slaughter of 20 innocents, we propose to punish those (gun owners) who are innocent, and protect our most cherished possession, our children, with a another piece of paper (a new gun law). Link
I hope it goes viral


  1. Your link didn't connect to anything.

    But your logic is irrepressible. Thus the Democratic Party and in its progressiveness, will dismiss it out of hand.

  2. I saw jay leno live back in the 80's when he was funny. He did a poignant interplay w/ the audience. He asked, "How many parents here hired babysitters for tonight?" He then asked several of the moms what they pay their sitter. The answers were in the $2-5 range. He then asked the dads how much they pay their auto mechanic..$40-60/hr. Nervous laughter ensued.