Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Don't People Have More Respect For The Kingston Trio?

No, sole-surviving original member Bob Shane (middle right) didn't die, but the passing of Nick Reynolds (bottom left) in October 2008 went barely noticed. I checked some of my favorite blogs at the time and nobody even mentioned it.  Then again, I once mentioned that the hills behind my house were on fire and nobody noticed that either. Such things would never happen on Twitter.

The Kingston Trio were a staple of my early youth- circa 1963-64. My folks had 3 or 4 of their vinyl LPs. They seemed like good clean fun--fit for all ages--but did you ever check the lyrics for A Worried Man where Dave Guard sings:
Well Bobby's in the living room holding hands with Sue, Nicky's at that big front door 'bout to come on through, well I'm here in the closet, oh Lord what shall I do? 
what's that about?

So why didn't people have more respect for The Kingston Trio?

(1) They were overplayed?
(2) They "stole" songs and generally didn't write their own material?
(3) They weren't left wing enough?
(4) Bob Dylan came along and made them irrelevant?
(5) Never heard of the Kingston Trio.


  1. I vote for number 4.

    I've heard of the Kingston Trio but haven't heard much of their music. At Half-Off Books, in their music section, many of their albums are available. A window on the folk-music world, before it was eclipsed by Dylan and then all things post-Dylan. We forget there was much that came before him though I don't think he does.

  2. Pete,

    According to the Wiki, the Kingston Trio sort of pioneered the successful sale of vinyl LPs. Think how important that became for the industry later on. People credit the Beatles & Bob with far too much. NTTAWWT

  3. I love the Kingston Trio. When I was learning to play the guitar and perform...THIS was one of my favorite songs they did. I learned to play it ...difficult chording.

  4. DBQ! Kindred spirit! XO!

    I only know that song from a CD I bought much much later. I started learning banjo a couple years ago and the first notes I learned to pick were "Tom Dooley" and "A Worried Man". Now if I only carry and sing the entire songs.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. as a Christmas present, we took my mother to see them a few years ago. Bob Shane is a foul-mouthed asshole.


  6. bill wrote: as a Christmas present, we took my mother to see them a few years ago. Bob Shane is a foul-mouthed asshole.

    That must be where they get their edge.