Sunday, June 27, 2010

For What It's Worth: I Saw A Buffalo Springfield

Well not the Buffalo Springfield.  I did see an old Buffalo-Springfield steamroller today at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista CA:

The parade MC said that the Buffalo-Springfield was one of just a few remaining working examples of something once so commonplace that it gave rise to a verb: "to steamroll".

And the band really did take their name from that machine. So there's this:

That's Neil Young plucking those harmonic pings in the background. You can see him behind frontman Stephen Stills in the very beginning and again when it cuts out at 1 min 13 s.  Sorry that the video cuts out like that.  If anybody knows a better link to the whole Smothers Brothers version of the song, please link in the comments.


  1. And to think, today we just use hand held irons to get wrinkles out of our clothing.

  2. Here it is. It's up again. Enjoy it while it lasts: link