Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Aqua Velvets

From their website:
A fascinating blend of spaghetti western, shimmering psychedelia, pristine surf, latin rhythms, mysterious faraway places, and a tongue-in-cheek dash of lounge. link
Here's a link to my all-time favorite Aqua Velvets song, Summer At Dreampoint


  1. I didn't listen to the Music all that intently because the girl in the photo is beautiful. What does that say for the Aqua Velvets -- or me?

  2. I'd say it means you're deep into lounge?

  3. The Aqua Velvets were a house band at the Beach Chalet up in San Francisco in the late 90's. I lived up in Sunnyvale in 1996-97 and even went to the Chalet once, but modern instrumental surf wasn't on my radar then. I didn't "discover" them until I moved down here in '98.

    Unfortunately, I don't think they're together any longer.

  4. I used to say up in Sunnyvale, too. I lived in Santa Clara at the time.