Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For LL: Cisco Kid

Commenter LL couldn't take my previous post, a song penned by the L.A. band War. I know he likes things South of the Border, so there's always this instead:


  1. He drank whiskey, ate the salted peanuts and then chased a gringo through the field. What's not to like?

    However he mixed whiskey and port (I know that you're into exotic drinks, but that one is destined to leave you with a smashing hang-over).

    However, Cisco was his friend, no matter the wisdom of mixing drinks and so forth...

  2. P. S. -It's not that I love things south of the Border. I simply do it for a living and I have an opinion on the matter similar to Yeates' "Irish Airman" in that those that I fight I don't hate and those that I guard I don't love. And I'm old enough not to drink whiskey and then port in the same sitting.

  3. Wouldn't the order make a difference? i.e., port before whiskey or whiskey before port?

    The Germans have a saying: Bier nach Wein, lass es sein; Wein nach Bier, das rat ich Dir.

    Beer after wine, let it be; wine after beer, I advise thee.

  4. The last time that I was out drinking with Mexican Army (SEDENA) Generals, they started with tequila, migrated to red wine (Bordeaux) and then polished it off with cognac.

    I survived, but my partner did not.

  5. Sheesh--that does sound toxic. Only thing worse is wapatuli

  6. I'm not sure of the origin of the word Wapatuli, but since it originated in Wisconsin, I think it may have originally been spelled Waupatuli.