Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Got Wood Shop?

That's a pedestal table I made in a shop class I took in high school.  My mother still has it and I guess that I will have it again one day. We had an excellent shop teacher and we did everything: conceived an original design; drew scaled blue prints (orthographic and isometric projections); selected the wood (black walnut in my case). Then we machine cut, planed & jointed the lumber; we glued a square peg and turned the leg on a lathe; we mitered the angles and routed the edges; sanded & varnished. We all had different designs, but we all made a pedestal table; we competed in craftsmanship. We were judged and graded in the end.

Do high schools still teach that stuff?


  1. hire hummer sydney

    Wow. Man, your so talented. You've got the skill. It looks like it was bought from a shop.

  2. Yes they do. I was a sub for a great woodshop teacher @ Stoughton HS back in the 90's. I was burned out doing PI work, went back to school and got my HS History certification. But, when I subbed to get experience I would take any classes. I did a lot of shop classes because those were the teachers I liked most. The wood students I supervised[I couldn't teach this stuff] made some items comparable to yours..although yours would be @ the top of the items I saw made back in the late 90's.

  3. Mischy & Spinelli: you guys are two kind!