Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

If love is sought as a child seeks gifts,
from giving to getting its value then shifts
Your love is your gift that you give by choice,
In choosing who gets it I don't have a voice.


  1. In choosing who gets it I don't have a voice.

    Merry Christmas, El Pollo to you and those you love.

    Goodness travels many roads. This afternoon, The Essential Kingston is playing, filling our home with the songs and harmony of 40 old favorites, some remembered, some new, all singable. This gift arrived via your postings of Reuben James, and Rev. Mr Black. Ritmo's recent mention of J. E Robinson's books brought us an additional gift this past week of stories read aloud, laughter, understanding and encouragement.

    Light in the night,
    Gifts from afar,
    Birth in a stable
    Christmas happens

  2. Merry Christmas MamaM!

    I hope that your collection of Kingston Trio includes Desert Pete, whose message, I think, is timely. :)

  3. ...some remembered, some new, all singable.

    Oh you reminded me...when my kids were little...I had (still have) a Kingston Trio CD. I'd crank it while driving and we'd all sing those songs together. Couldn't do that now.

  4. Yes! Disc Two, #18, Following Hobo's Lullaby, and before I'm Going Home.

    For us it was old records while working in the basement and workshop, later on cassettes. Good memories.