Monday, January 3, 2011

Letters Home: April In Paris

Jan 4, 1953

Dear Mom,

It seems like a long time since I wrote so I guess I had better drop you a line tonight.
We had our first real snow the other day. It looks like it is going to stay for a while. I got a chance to go Paris in the spring.  All it would cost me for the trip is to drive part way. I would have to take leave of about 10 days because its 500 miles from here.
If I take a leave I might not get home as quick because I will have 28 days coming before discharge.
That Christmas card came little late but I got it. It sure was big.
I got the wrist watch but now I have to get a wooden box to send it in.
Some of the guys that get out of the Army next month left for New York today.  They sure were happy. I hope I can get home by the time I am 21.
I got a box of candy from M. Friday.* It sure was good. I wanted to send some thank you cards to the Church and V.F.W. for the boxes, but I couldn't find any at the P.X.
I found a picture of a house I like but look at the price. I suppose because it's close to D.C.
Bye for now,

* M is his oldest sister, my aunt.

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