Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conversations with Henry: She Was A Piece Of Work

[continued from back here]

Henry: Jake didn't really discover kinetic isotope effects -- he just explained them first. Plus I think he had some help.

Me: From whom?

Henry: Maria Mayer. Boy she was piece of work. Smart as a whip. She was the poster girl for how badly science used to treat women.

Me: Really?

Henry: Yes. She won the Nobel Prize eventually. Not in Chemistry though, but Physics. She developed the shell structure model of atomic nuclei. She ended up down by you you know.

Me: You mean UCSD?

Henry: Yep. But she started out in Germany -- as Maria Goeppert. She was friends with all the big time physicists back then. You should look her up. Interesting story. But if you're interested in isotope effects, why don't you just write Jake -- he's a nice guy.  

Me: Thanks, I will. Can I mention you?

Henry: Please do and give him my regards.

I look at my cards and frown. I discard two and ask for two more.

[story continued here]

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