Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tijuana Taxi

Friday drives to the middle school are Cash Cab Friday, but Monday through Thursday mornings have become Spanish lessons!  We (me, son, daughter, and the neighbor kid) are learning to speak Español using the Pimsleur method which involves talking back to cued questions.  So far so good.  The neighbor kid already took some Spanish, but my two blondini are pretty clueless.  Their middle school is 57% Hispanic and I figure that being bilingual will be a useful tool in the future. Their electives are already filled with Art and Shop. Hell, it might even help me if I find myself out of a job.

[Added: special shout out to Freeman Hunt for first telling me about the Pimsleur methods and kids]


  1. "I'll take 'radioactive isotopes that rhyme with Quetzalcoatl for $100', Art!"

  2. Careful. A glimpse of that album art - hey, that's not the girl in whipped cream that I remember! - will teach your riders more than you want them to know.

  3. I thought you already spoke Spanish?!

    Great music.

  4. Candle: I can do French and Italian, but I never bothered to learn Spanish. I can read it no problem. Never tried to write it. When I talk to locals who don't know English, it's pretty rudimentary. I try speaking Italian to them, but the problem is that while there is about 90% similarity, the 10% that's different is the more commonly used stuff. I've decided to open my mind (again) and give it a shot.
    The kids are really eating it up too!