Friday, September 10, 2010

Letters Home: Not His Brother's Keeper

This letter is the first that he wrote to just my grandmother (note the salutation). I'm not quite sure of the significance of that if any, other than to signifiy that the contents were personal and probably shouldn't be conveyed to his younger siblings, especially his younger brother, R.

Apparently, some sort of breakup occurred and his brother's girlfriend wrote to him, asking him something or explaining something to him. The identities of both "K" and "that girl in Milwaukee" are unknown to me. None of them ever married each other or became a couple.
September 12, 1952
Nellingen Casern

Dear Mom,

I guess I owe you about 2 letters so I will get busy and answer tonight. It's been misting and raining for the last week.
Did my drivers licences come yet?
By the way, how much money have I got in the bank now?  Another check should be coming. I still haven't got the cookies from M. [1]

I don't suppose Jr. will be going back to Madison to work. R. should be working down there.
I got a letter from K. the other day. I don't know why she wrote to me. What happened is between her and R. I don't know whether I will answer her letter or not.
I've been writing to that girl in Milwaukee. She would like to go with me when I get back, that is if I want to.  I'm sending some more pictures.
I guess there’s not much to write about this time as we aren't doing anything.

[1]  M is his older sister.


  1. "Not His Brother's Keeper"

    Made me think some fratricide had gone on! (Why do people use that wording?)

  2. Made me think some fratricide had gone on!

    There was some mild character assassination going on. Why would he rat his brother out to their mom? I touched a bit on the competitiveness of being the favorite son back here

    Why do people use that wording?

    Another reason I chose the title was that the girl "K" was not the one who my uncle "R" ended up with, i.e., she wasn't a "keeper".