Saturday, November 27, 2010

Letters Home: Thanksgiving

November 27, 1952
Fliegerhorst Kaserne
Dear Mom and Dad and All,
Today is Thanksgiving and we got the day off so I guess I'll answer your letter. I got it yesterday. We sure had a lot to eat. I'll send the menu.
By the time you get this letter we will over in the French Zone firing the guns.
We had 2 more inches of snow today but it is melting fast. We are in the warmest part of Ger. here around Frankfurt. It's lower land I guess. I wished it wouldn't get any colder than it does in Ky. That's where I was last winter. I got 11 more months yet in the army. I sure wish I could get home for my next birthday, but I doubt if I will make it. They like to keep you in over here till the last minute.
Maybe after the first of the year I will find out more about it.
Has any one around Center been coming in the Army lately? [1] I never get to see the county paper anymore. I wish you could send me some.
Did you get that Beer Stein yet? What did you think of the book? It's about right too.
I think I'll send out about 10 Christmas Cards this year. To everyone that I got their address of.
I'll cut this short now.

[1] "Center" is Richland Center, his hometown.

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