Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 years Of MyTunes: The Best of 1972 IMHO

Machine Head & Made In Japan ~ Deep Purple
The Eagles ~ The Eagles
Harvest ~ Neil Young
Can't Buy A Thrill ~ Steely Dan  <---- My pick
Honky Château ~Elton John
Exile On Main Street ~ The Rolling Stones
The World Is A Ghetto ~ War
Ziggy Stardust ~ David Bowie
Thick As A Brick ~ Jethro Tull
Smokin' ~ Humble Pie

Miscellaneous singles from 1972:

Good Hearted Woman ~ Waylon Jennings
Play Me ~ Neil Diamond
City Of New Orleans ~ Arlo Guthrie
Walk On The Wild Side ~ Lou Reed
Superstition ~ Stevie Wonder
Papa Was a Rollin' Stone ~ Temptations
Lean On Me & Use Me ~ Bill Withers
You're So Vain ~ Carly Simon
All the Young Dudes ~ Mott the Hoople
Listen to the Music ~ Doobie Brothers
Stuck in the Middle ~ Stealers Wheel
Go All the Way ~ Raspberries
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) ~ Looking Glass
Time in a Bottle ~ Jim Croce
Jungle Fever ~ Chakachas
Troglodyte ~ Jimmy Castor Bunch
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress ~ The Hollies


  1. At last, I own one of the albums: Steely Dan's Can't Buy a Thrill. Though I was turned on to them, and this album, by my wife-to-be back in 1980 so maybe that doesn't count.

    So, again, it's the singles that bring the memories flooding back. I didn't know Jennings Good Hearted Woman came out in 1972; I certainly wasn't aware of the single but then my tastes wouldn't run to country for a few more years down the road. My favorite: Brandy (You're a Fine Girl). I like songs about the sea and longing for love. (And isn't Papa Was a Rolling Stone a sonic marvel?)

    Great list, Bruce. Bring on 1973.

  2. I was the same with the Waylon song Pete. I didn't like it until 1978 or so. And I certainly didn't prefer country music in 1972, even though my parents raised us on it. Of course my idea of rebellion was to embrace the devil's music.

    I do like everyone of the songs I linked.

  3. Forgot Long Cool Woman, that twangy guitar just hit it perfectly. Or was it Green River Part 2?

    In Canada with our 30% Canadian content rules we had a wealth of good songs, many of which didn't get much U.S. airplay. Runnin' Back to Saskatoon and Guns Guns Guns (Guess Who), Bad Side of the Moon (Elton, Bernie song, big Cdn hit by April Wine), Concrete Sea (Terry Jacks), Beautiful (Gordon Lightfoot), and one song that got Canadian content advantages because it was recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Conquistador by Procul Harum.

    How about How Do You Do/Mouth and McNeil, the reissue of Nights in White Satin/Moody Blues, Saturday in the Park/Chicago, Summer Breeze/Seals and Crofts.

    Tumbling Dice never hit it big on AM charts here, the first time I heard the Stones do it I thought "they're singing the Linda Ronstadt song!"

    Good stuff here. Ron aka RJinTO.

  4. All of those are personal favorites, so I have some difficulty in deciding which is the best (of the best). I might lean toward Bowie since was at the beginning of what I will term "Cool Music". I met him during his Little China Girl under unusual circumstances. Bowie is an interesting guy.