Saturday, January 2, 2010

With the Power Trio of Soul, Anything was Possible

From the same New Years show 1969-70:

I've always loved the structure of this song--it's a real composition. I used to know the entire drum part by heart. IMO Mitch Mitchell was a better drummer for Jimi overall, but Buddy Miles did a great job at these shows, except when he tried to upstage Hendrix's singing.
And Billy Cox was a way better bassist than the racist Noel Redding. Just sayin'. I mean, just listen to that groovy bassline supporting Jimi's wailing minute-long solo beginning at the 0.21 min mark.

[note added]: Hendrix and Cox were stationed together at Fort Campbell KY about 10 years after my father was there.

[Another note added: the original video I linked here no longer works so I swapped it out. The first one was actual footage from the New Years Eve show. If I find it again I'll put it up here again.]

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