Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letters Home: Give Blood

1/31/52  Fort Knox KY
Dear Mom Dad and all.
I haven’t heard from you for a few days so I thought maybe I owed you a letter. I got a letter from J_ two  days ago. He sent some pictures, so I am sending them on to you. [1]  I got some made and am sending them. Today is payday so in a couple of weeks a check will be coming.
It snowed Tue. About a inch and was down to zero. Today it's warm again.[2]
I got a chance to go to Nashville this weekend so I think I will go.
I broke my watch jumping off tanks so I will have to get it fixed soon. I started to write this before mail call and got your letter.
I didn’t send J__ a picture of him with a pack on his back so you can send him one.
Its too bad about Aunt Bertha.
We won’t have any training tomorrow. In order to get out of it you have to give a pint of blood. [3]  Only about 10 out of 200 aren’t giving any. Our Captain said it is best to start a blood bank now, because someday we might need it. I think I can afford a pint.
Did R_ ever get the fender skirt taken off my car?  I might sell my car if I can get enough out of it this spring.
I had two more teeth filled today. I am all done with them now for at least a year.
Its time to sign off for now. I will write the first of the week after I get back from my trip.

[1] The photos are long lost I'm afraid.
[2] Flood waters building.
[3] Current Army regulations regarding blood donations: link. I have tried on several occasions to give blood to the Red Cross but have been disqualified because of my residence time in Switzerland and then Germany in the early '90's.  Apparently, I am at risk for developing Mad cow disease (and just from consuming over-priced meat in Switzerland). I've always protested that I could barely afford to eat meat in those days but they never listen. It all seems a little unfair, rather like the Koreans refusing to eat American beef last year for the same reason.
My brain has always soaked up knowledge like a sponge. But my brain is not spongiform like those afflicted with Mad Cow are, as confirmed by a recent MRI.


  1. Don't worry - I gave extra so you guys are both covered.

    Now drop and give me 20!

  2. MEADE!

    (and thank for stopping by :)

  3. The pleasure is mine, crazy chicken.

    Enjoying your letters home series. Thanks.

  4. Meade,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I could publish these all at once, but have decided to put them out at the same pace that he was writing them. You might notice that I release them on the same day that he wrote them, 58 years later. He wrote some good ones this month, so stick around.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Regarding your link above, I started a gym routine in January and am getting myself into fine physical shape with the help and advice of an ex-Marine.