Friday, October 15, 2010

Letters Home: #30

October 14, 1952

Dear Mom,

I guess I owe you a letter. I haven't got that one from R. It's been a bad day. Raining. We stayed inside and had map reading. We won't be going to the field till the 26th.
They're trying to teach us what way to go if we get lost.
Say can you send me my boots? The pair in my box with the Zippers.
If you send them by airmail I don't think it would cost to much. If you need any money for anything use my money.
Has Dad got a job yet?
I got one tomorrow. K.P. It comes once a month as sure as the sun rises.
By the way, we are 7 hours ahead of you.  At noon here, you're just getting up.
I met a kid from Sun Prairie today.
I think Don E. is over here isn't he? The last time I saw him he said he was going to Germany.
There just ain't a darn thing to write about. It rains all the time. 23 days out of September.
The leaves are just starting to fall. Some parts of Germany had snow already. The higher places.
I guess I will have to sign off for this time.

Love, V.

My father on the left, age 20 yrs

P.S. Didn't go to town this weekend. we had a P.T. test. I passed. Done 35 pushups. 7 pull ups. I had a score of 300. 250 was passing.

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  1. Done 35 pushups. 7 pull ups. I had a score of 300. 250 was passing.

    I can do 50 or so pushups up can only manage 1 or 2 pull ups. Working on it though.