Monday, October 25, 2010

Letters Home: #31

October 25, 1952
Fliegerhorst Kaserne
Sat morning

Dear Mom,
We are getting ready to go on a road march with the tanks. We have to load them on flatcars and take them to the Russian border. [1]  It will be about 2 week before we get back. 400 miles round trip.
Last Sunday I went to Sababurg to see the castle. It was just like the ones you see in the movies. High walls, and a moat around it. Looked something like a fort.
I haven't been to Frankfurt lately. I am going in before December and get some things to send home. Tell R. I will write him, one of these days.
I bet dad would really cuss if he was over here. It rained 42 out of the last 54 days. It's been cool here, but no snow yet.
How is Jr. coming along? Has he got that new pick up yet? I hope I can save enough money to get a new car when I get out. At least the down payment.  How much does John want for a Hudson Hornet? [2] I suppose around $3,000.  I won't have any new a.p.o. number, it's still 46.
I sure was surprised to hear Donna B. and Skip C. and Bill K. got married. Things sure will be changed before I get back. So Vern and Ilene are supposed to get hitched too, but the last time I heard Ilene's mother wouldn't sign for her. I think there all foolish to get married the way the world is now. You always got the Draft Board to face.
I heard they wasn't going to draft any more 19 year olds till they got all the 20-21 year olds. R. might not have to worry for year. I hope he don't have to come. I know he would hate it worse than I do. I'm just easy going enough to put up with it. Just waiting till they cut me loose. The 29th of this month and I've been in 1 year, and still a private. Ha! Ha!  Sure different than Jr. I don't care myself if I get anything.

Love, V.

[1] I found a link with several photos contemporaneous with my father's service here.
[2] Ah, the Hudson Hornet. He must have been smitten back here. (footnote 2).

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