Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indian Summer

Then God commanded November to brighten the sky and to mitigate the air for the entire duration of Martin's travel. And since God does not rescind his orders, the first days of November are always cheered by a warm sun. We call this season Indian Summer. Link
If one is not inclined to the sacred, there is always the profane redeemed:

According to Robby Krieger, "Indian Summer" was the very first song The Doors ever recorded, in 1966. The version everyone knows was released in 1970 on Morrison Hotel.


  1. Here is a link to what purports to be the original recording, but the sound quality is poor: link. There are slight but noticeable differences between the versions.

  2. The quality of Morrison's voice and the sound of the instruments in "Indian Summer" belonged more to the spirit of 1966 than to the jaded 1970's. Releasing the song late like they did was like a gorgeous last summer day in the fall of the 1960s and the closing of Morrison's life.