Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Queue

Netflix this weekend:

A Woman in Berlin (2008) because commenter Allie recommended it;

Added: [This was a great movie and story. It's particularly poignant because the woman who drafted the original story faced attacks while still alive and stipulated that her identity never be revealed. She was "outed" 2 years after her death. link Her original diaries are still not open. The latter aspect reminds me of the missing originals to the Last Letters From Stalingrad saga. link.]

12 O'Clock High (1949) because I've never seen it; and

Chinatown (1974) because my wife admitted that she never cared about the water rights angle of the story and wants to see it again too.

Added: [I've seen Chinatown several times and it just gets better with age. My wife is reading Colossus (and urging me to read it too). That her got curious about California water rights and so the fictionalized story in Chinatown came up. We're already planning a road trip with the kids to the dam and to Vegas.]


  1. Good choices! Don't forget about Downton Abbey.

  2. Chinatown is still great...I even like 'The Two Jakes' the sequel from many years later....not as good, of course, but still cool.

  3. If you like 12 O'Clock 'Strategic Air Command' w Jimmy Stewart...good to see the transition between the B36 and the B47

  4. I enjoyed all three.

    12 O'Clock High used to play all the time on Channel Nines "Millionaire Movie."

  5. I watched all six seasons of LOST on Netflix over the holidays. I hadn't watched it when it was on regular TV, became addicted, the rest is history.

    12 O'Clock High is a definite classic.

  6. @LL: I'm gonna check out LOST
    @Ron: Thanks. I've never seen "Two Jakes."
    @Allie: Locked and loaded!

  7. Why liberals love Downton Abbey

    Methinks you may be a closet liberal ;)

  8. You may be right, Allie but not for the reasons in that article.