Friday, January 27, 2012

Doodle du jour

I doodled this today during a meeting (unrelated to this):

Click to enlarge
What am I getting at?


  1. Nobells are ringing

    With crux as a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question, was this:

    -a new awareness
    -an expanded insight
    -a known pattern drawn a differnt way
    -an illustration of relationship
    -the picture of something written about in a previous post
    -the subconscious expression of a desire to rise above the elements present?

    (In deference to your preference to "follow the trail", the deleted comment went in before editing, but the copy didn't take. So I started over and this is the shortened version)

  2. Numbering your dashed thoughts:
    (1) Not really
    (2) Hope so
    (3) Definitely
    (4) Most definitely
    (5) No
    (6) I'll leave that to a therapist

    This is just a portrayal of periodic properties with the noble gases as the "hinge", point?, (crux). I suspect that someone else has portrayed this and I'll do my best to find out before I make more of it. In case I find more I'll give link.

    Thank you, MamaM

  3. The "hinge" part is the point of novelty, rather than the customary "completion" aspect-which is old.

  4. What are you getting at?

    The meeting is boring you to tears...

  5. Hinge pin! Fun to visually see a developing thought take place, with an "of course" correction for the viewer who first saw it as a fixed corner column. Hinge also works with the other definition of crux as The basic, central, or critical point or feature

    Recent reading introduced me to a different view of mystery, which fits with hinge and the unfolding revelation of order and connection through discovery.

    Mystery is not something that you cannot understand, but it is something that is endlessly understandable! It is multilayered and pregnant with meaning and never totally admits to closure or resolution.