Sunday, March 28, 2010

Il Ponte Rotto (Cleveland)

A photo I took of a broken bridge across (or near) the Cuyahoga river in 1984:

A photo of the original Ponte Rotto in Rome along with its history can be found here.

Update:  I found some recent photographs of the Jefferson Avenue Bridge here and here

And: This is my favorite photo of the Ponte Rotto:

Notice how close the modern trastevere travesity comes to the old Ponte Rotto.


  1. Looks like it was a bridge too far.

    Hyperextension undone

  2. Jason: notice the thin layer of topsoil on the bridge with dead weeds.
    I'm starting a photoseries called urban reclamation.

  3. The movie Major League was set in Cleveland. it was actually filmed in Milwaukee, at the old County Stadium, because the film's producer thought Milwaukee looked more like Cleveland that Cleveland did. The producer was right.

    I re-watch Major League at the beginning of the baseball season, for no other reason than Bob Uecker.