Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do Us All A Favre And Just Play Football

I ran across some residual resentment in Wisconsin amongst the locals. Some folks are still upset that Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings for $25MM. Others just see his choice as a love of football and all that lovely green stuff. In any case his first season with the Vikings is sure to be a stepwise, uphill slog. Certain relatives are relishing the thought of Favre facing a Green Bay defensive team no longer obliged to go easy on him in practice. Even I can't wait to see that game.

This scene is actually pretty typical of the good natured humor that I encountered:

Note that the target mechanism of the dunking tank is hidden, strategically located right behind the number 4 on that purple jersey. There was no shortage of takers at that booth (photo from the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival)


  1. Heh. That boy looks miserable! LOL

    And yeah. Just play ball. Or don't. I like Favre, but come on.... :)

  2. Whoosh. I thought this might be TY's place for an instant, what with the jab at Favre. No polls or semi-glam chicks, here, so I quickly realized that it's a different place.

    For $25 million, I'd try to play QB for the Vikings. That's a big pile of money, hard to turn down.

    Glad you had fun while in Wisconsin. Remember our state motto: "At least we aren't Michigan. Yet."

  3. At least we aren't Michigan. Yet.

    Are going to just take that Darcy?

  4. That boy looks miserable

    Oh come on he was earning money for his troop. It was cold that day, but have you ever seen anybody smile in one of those dunk tanks?

  5. Dude, check out the tits on that blonde. She should be on the dunk seat. Seriously.

  6. @Asante:
    You mean Brunhilda? I think she was one of the kid's mom. Shame on you. But thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. Dude, he is too busy crying like a little girl.

    I hope Minny doesn't play AJ's Iggles this season cause Michael Vick might take it into his head to kill that dog.

  8. And Assante, a word to the wise.

    Stay away from nasty blondes from Wisconsin.

    Just sayn'

  9. Where you in WI, Chicken Little? Sun Prairie isn't far from moi!!

    And...Favre did play for MN (the purple-people eaters)....and Rogers did play for GB and we won!!

    It's almost like a soap opera in WI.....*lol*

    How the heck are ya?

    Peggy DaValt

  10. Hey Peggy, thanks so much for dropping by.

    I was in Madison visiting my mother and stepfather (a few years after my father passed in '95, my mother met a widower and remarried). She sold her house in Middleton and moved to the east side.

    I took the family to the Corn Fest because I hadn't been there in ages and I wanted to see what had changed (not much has-people are just bigger-lol).

    I tweeted a couple more pix: Deep fried cheese curds
    buttered corn,
    salt shakers on strings,
    The Zipper

    We actually did much more than the Corn fest: a day on the Denis Sullivan ship out of Milwaukee; canoeing on the Wisconsin river, visiting Niagra cave in MN.

    FYI, I'm still going to win those hug points one day- yep, got that marked down in my permanent memory.