Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's Almost Gone...

San Onofre Beach
Photo taken from the cliffs above San Onofre Beach.  The beach was immortalized by The Beach Boys in "Surfin' USA"


  1. I love that area.

    But after they built the nuclear reactor there, the whole Surfin' USA thing made me wonder if the wave riders were going to end up glowing. Of course, the reactor is safe and the reaction is properly contained - but the look of the place hasn't been the same.

  2. San Onofre is a very risky beach: one tsunami and you're dead against the high cliffs; one nuclear explosion, and you're poisoned--I do keep potassium iodide around for that reason.

    But this is also way it's so special. Nowhere else between San Diego and L.A. will you find such uncrowded, unspoiled splendor on the verge of catastrophe.

  3. If you're going to go, go big or go home.

  4. Summer is almost gone, time for hurricanes!

  5. It all goes so fast. Each day, one after the other until it seems a blur.

    Who knows where the time goes.