Saturday, November 26, 2011

"What Is A Week-End?"

We've been watching the British-produced series Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoying it. There are only two seasons so far, and the first one is available on Netflix. The second season has already aired in Britain and will be shown on PBS here in January.

Here is a memorable scene in which Maggie Smith brings her special talent to the fore:


  1. Gentlemen don't work - not real work anyway?

    Oh, my gosh, I might just be a gentleman. Nobody ever accused me of that before, but maybe? Just maybe?

    I'll be sure to check it out on Netflix. Right now I'm watching "Lost" on Netflix because everyone raved about it and I never saw it. Last time I was in Hawaii, I had occasion to drive an ATV all around the set - and now watching it, I'm finding it more interesting to see the filming angles because I recognize so much of it.

  2. Lemme know how you like Lost. When I get back home in a couple weeks I might want to watch it.

  3. Hi Chickie, I see you enjoyed Downton Abbey too, I can't wait or the sequel in January. Did you watch Cranford last year? The sequel, Return to Cranford, started last evening, promises to be every bit as good as Cranford. I'm rewatching The Forsyth Saga on Netflix, ha, can't get enough of those.

    Catch you at Trooper or Ritmo's.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Allie.

    I do not know Cranford but will check it out and let you know what I think.