Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Letters Home: "I Don't Know What They Will Think Of Next"

Dec. 29, 1952

Dear Mom,

I guess I had better drop you a line and let you know what I am doing.
I had a nice Christmas. I took a 3 day pass and spent Christmas with a family (German). It's one of the 3 we met when we was stuck in Marktredwitz.
I have been trying to get a jeep-driving job for about a month now and I finally got it. I have to drive a lieutenant around. I also have to keep the jeep taken care of. Change oil grease etc. When we go on maneuvers now I will be driving instead of going on the train. It’s a lot better job than riding on a tank.
We still don't have any snow, but where I was there was some.
I got the billfold and like it. Also the letter with the handkecheif in it. I can't spell for beans. Just like M. used to be.[1] 
Some time in Jan. the company has to ford the Rhine river in barges with the tanks.[2] I don't know what they will think of next.
Tell B. I am sending a watch this weekend.[3]
Bye for now,

Love, V

P.S. See you in 7 to 8 months. I also got the tankers jacket today.
[1] M. is his oldest sister.
[2] The Rhine was west of his position, so this may have been a Dunkirk-like retreat exercise in the event of a successful full scale Soviet thrust westward.
[3] B. is his youngest sister.

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