Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letters Home: Hanau

Dec 18, 1952

Dear Mom,

We got back to Hanau this morning. I sure was glad to get down out of those cold mountains. We have a little snow here but it isn't cold outside.
I would like to keep some of the pictures if you don't mind. I am sending some I took while at the range.
I can get a watch for around $10.00. I'll get one the first of Jan. and send it. As usual there is nothing to write about. I haven't got the jacket yet.
I might go to the show tonight.  "Last Train to Bombay".
This just a note but will try to do better next time.


Photos from the firing range:

I think that people who don't approve of guns, weapons and other means of defence have no business being in the military. Join the ranks of diplomacy instead. Of course everyone has the right to oppose the military, but they should stay within the limits of hypocrisy.

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