Friday, March 5, 2021

End Of The Skating Season

There's a heat wave headed to western Wisconsin and that signals the end to a great skating season. I took one last spin around the rink early this morning and made this video. Notice how the snow from the surrounding snow bank melted and refroze overnight, making a perfectly smooth perimeter. 

When I was boy, I hated ice skating. I told my mom (who was an excellent skater) "Mom, my ankles are too weak." I hated going to the rink. Later, when I realized what fun I was missing, I bucked up. Of course we only ever skated outdoors in the winter. 

When I finished college in Madison, I moved briefly to Cleveland, Ohio. I was introduced to pair skating by my landlord and we used to go to an indoor rink to find women to skate with. There was something so romantic about locking arms and skating as couples to the mighty Wurlizer organ music. Unforgettable. 


  1. That smooth perimeter is awesome. We found glassy, crystal clear ice on the lake when we got to the cabin a month or so ago and I broke out the skates. A couple days later I ran into a neighbor who said, "yeah I was real surprised to see you out skating when the lake had just froze over the day before". Ignorance was definitely bliss that day.

  2. You’re in Wisconsin and didn’t let me know? Oy, such a deal.

  3. Hey Haz! Yes, I'm back. When the weather gets warmer we'll have to meet up somewhere.