Thursday, February 25, 2021

Changes: Seasonal and Phase

Morning ski trails on a local lake: 

The newer path diverging left is incuse while the older path on the right appears in relief. This effect is from snow melting around the compacted tracks; the relief tracks will indeed be some of the last traces of winter as the snow reverts to its liquid state. 

Another view under different light:

incuse right; relief left

Some tracks were pocked by leaf prints:

Closer up:

The leaves were not passively revealed by melting; rather, they blew in from shore the previous day and due to their darker color they melted in place, actively boring through snow and ice. In this small way the old season hastens the new. 


  1. Welcome back to Wisconsin, Chick!

    Amazing that solar energy on the small surface area of the leaf can ostensibly push underlying snow through the energy-intensive fusion and vaporization processes, isn't it?

    I've been out skiing on the river/lake a few times so far this year. So much better than fighting the crowds, fees, dog rules, and elevation changes at the local ski park.

  2. Thanks, Calypso!
    I didn't think that snow sublimed in Wisconsin. It does in Colorado. A pile can disappear in a day without making a puddle.