Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts (1975)


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    1. I looked up Showalter. I wonder what he thought of "Last Letters From Stalingrad"?

      CC used to play in the WCHA when I was at Madison.

    2. You know I've been wondering if his books are anything like his class...

      I saw your series on that--I hate to say it but I always got depressed about that front of the war, and the Pacific...

      Anyways--the guy was a rockstar. His skill for oratory--being in his class was like watching a play or something.

      We use to wait in line to get a spot in his class like we use to wait in line for rock concert tickets.

    3. --btw-There is no way in hell I had the money to go to CC.

      Showalter would slum so to speak--ha!

    4. I bet Showalter knew the elders from the youngers when it came to the von Moltke's too.

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