Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nobody's Fault But Mine (1927)


  1. Nice posting - I am rereading a book entitled Pulphead due to the protracted cold weather here, and just started the chapter Unknown Bards, which is about blues artists from the late 1800's to just before WWII. John Fahey figures prominently in that chapter. I have written about the album, Pre-war Revenants before - the recordings collected in that album are rare and amazing. Deep stuff...

    Anyway, I highly recommend Pulphead, too.

    I have also been rereading The Handmade Object and its Maker too, but more on that some other time.

    1. Thanks 60--I'l give it a look right after I finish perusing "AP Chemistry For Dummies." It turns out there's quite the market out here for tutors of wealthy people's kids looking for a leg-up. I'm thinking of getting into that market.

  2. I believe you'd make a great tutor, chickelit. I enjoy the instruction that happens here with picture, application and explanation.

    I'm reading "I'll Fly Away", a collection of stories/essays written by women in prison who were tutored/instructed by Wally Lamb, a high school English teacher from 1972 to 1997. He turned his talent elsewhere with this result. We'd watched the movie "Flight" and I'd seen the book on the imprisoned pilot's room in the end scene and looked it up. Lamb's own teacher had given him this advise, which he passed on:
    "Don't write stories for teenagers or any other group. Write them for yourself and let the audience that needs them find them".

    If I recall, you said something similar about blog writing a while back. May the same be true as you look for and consider new paths and means of expression and provision.

    1. I'm just now seeing this, MamaM, and thank you so very much. I put myself out there as a tutor and we shall see.

      If I recall, you said something similar about blog writing a while back.

      I did? I don't remember it but I won't deny it. It sounds inspired.