Monday, March 11, 2013

Catfish Blues (1941)


  1. Good one, CL, ties together many threads. I like the "Prior Art" tag.

    I have been through Yazoo City many times, used to live very near the Yazoo river a bit north of there.

    But I ain't no catfish, no how!

    1. ..ties together many threads

      The video belongs at TY, but hey.

      We are all swimming in "prior art."

      Thanks, 60G

  2. Getting back to the atoms theme, I see. I've forgotten what the medium was in that thread, but air, water and carbon seem to get around quite a bit.

    I like to think that some of the precious metals now in circulation were originally mined in the New World, hauled to Spain, lost by Spaniards, and now jingling in my pocket. Thanks, meso-Americans - I like your work.

  3. Settin' out hook and not a word to say represent both ends of the tie.

    This picture of another cat fish endeavor also made me smile tonight. I have a similar trap filled with tiger sitting next to me while I type. One size fits most.