Saturday, August 22, 2015

From The Pink Into The Stink

I recently re-listened to Roger Waters' entire "The Wall."  I hesitate to call it Pink Floyd's "The Wall" because I believe the David Gilmour/Nick Mason/Richard Wright accounts that Waters became an intolerable control freak during that time and the final product was his and not theirs.

"The Wall" is nothing more than an apologia for unrestricted immigration both here but especially in Europe.

What triggered this? My viewing a biopic about Ginger Baker called "Beware Mr. Baker." It seems to me that both Baker and Waters became insufferable assholes because they both lost their fathers in the fight against fascism.

Who was it again who said that we become what we most hate?


  1. The Baker documentary is quite entertaining. I recall his solo music from my early years. Talented guy, but a serious asshole for sure.

    Attended a Waters concert with a friend a few years back. In the middle of an otherwise enjoyable evening trip down memory lane he inserted a bunch of pro-PLO and anti-Bush crap. The crowd was booing him. I can't stand to watch him at all.

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