Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Day The Muse Just Died*

Bobby Fuller idolized fellow Texan Buddy Holly and The Crickets and it really shows in his covers of "Love's Made A Fool Of You" and "I Fought The Law And The Law Won."

Fuller died at age 23 under mysterious circumstances. Here is a YouTube video dramatizing some of the unresolved details. link

Lesser known was Fuller's involvement in surf music in the early 1960's. Here are three songs he wrote and recorded, all of which appear to contain the same guitar riff which culminated in its purest form in "Our Favorite Martian" recorded and released in 1964.

First there is "The Chase" which I have not been able to date, but I put it first because I suspect it came first:

"Stringer" was recorded in 1963; listen at the 57 second mark for the same basic riff:

Finally, the whole riff was purified and distilled into my favorite, er, "Our Favorite Martian" from 1964:

Bobby Fuller's death was so ignominious, and so unseemly (no matter the motives) that the public barely remembers him; and if they do look they see him as a link backwards to Buddy Holly; I think he deserved a bit more respect than that.


  1. I was around in those days - the way it seemed from my teen perspective was "Bobby Fuller had a hit. Wanted another, but his second record was just like his first. Then he killed himself."

    Bobby Fischer, on the other hand - now there was one crazy flippin' genius! He was a chess tsunami - swept in, then left a lot of damage behind as he receded. Crazy time.

  2. I had never heard his surf music before. He should have followed up IFTL with some of that. At least it's different.