Thursday, October 13, 2011

Traveling Again!

Here's a clue:


  1. 1. River Charles (dirty water)

    2. Near lovers, muggers and thieves.

    3. Must be Boston...

  2. Boston is not my favorite place.

  3. Titus Territory. Keep your head out of the clouds, avoid gardens, refuse to sit on a milk crate and don't say yes to anyone who calls you Papi.

    If Titus stands you up for lunch, head over to the Boston Science Museum for a look at the Tinker Toy Computer

  4. Hah and Heh...lots of shocking things to do there as it turns out the Science Museum is also host to the world's largest Van de Graaff generator. And in the Clouds and Interesting History category: In the 1950s, a small Wilson cloud chamber was featured in the main entrance hall. Visitors could come within inches of radioactive material to watch the vapor trails of the particles they emitted.

    Last time our family was in Boston (1996) the Tinker Toy computer was located in the Computer Museum which closed in 99. That's where this rabbit trail started. Whatever you do, keep an eye out for the muggers, lovers and thieves, and have a good time.