Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trannys Scare Me

So the entire transmission of my car needs to be replaced. I'm without a car in southern California until Friday! I used to DIY a lot of car maintenance (I once rebuilt a Ford Big Block V-8), but transmissions always intimidated me. As for getting around, there are alternatives: today I jumped on my bike and pedaled to the commuter train station (they have special places for bikes on the train). Then I pedaled to work from the train station.

Biking and taking the train doesn't save any time, but it sure saves aggravation. I’m thinking of parking the car for a while when I get it back.


  1. A little bit of Trooper in ya, El Pollo. ;-)

    Sorry about the tranny. But now I have this cute image of you biking it to the train station in my head, so you know, all is not lost. :)

  2. Tranny's scare me too! Especailly when I don't have a dress for them. I mean I have stuff in the store that will fit, but it just doesn't match their eyes.

    I tell them that there's not anything wrong with that. But they don't buy it. Imagine that?

  3. I don't think CL's gonna have any Trooper in him, no matter how good he looks as a tranny.

    Or do I misunderstand?