Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's about the Honor

I spent last evening at a fundraiser for a local VFW.  My neighbor is a retired marine and he invited the whole family. We had a great time and we dropped a lot of cash. I even won a gift basket raffle which was full of dog treats so everybody got something out of a worthwhile night.  Of course I drank a bit more than I should have and ended up peeing on visiting the Jane a couple times.

I may be eligible to become a card-carrying auxiliary member on account of my dad's service during Korea.  I balked at first because I thought it was sort of piggybacking on his service, but one of the guys quickly reminded me that it was a way of honoring him.


  1. Do it for your dad. Even if it is just paying the auxiliary dues and showing up for their major fund raisers.

    1. And let me thank you for your father's service in Korea.

  2. Well, it's all about honor darling. That's the thing. Good post. Thanks for sharing...
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