Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elvis-"Unchained Melody"

RIP (1935-1977)


  1. That's a good question, EBL. I don't know. I've seen this particular concert labeled as such but I can't be sure. It's certainly one of his last. Perhaps a real Elvis aficionado would know--I'm just an admirer.

  2. Ask Joe Biden - he knows all about chains.

  3. Welsh....the musical people. (disclosure..I'm Welsh)

    This was mesmerizing. The man could barely function at this point...but DAMN what a voice and what a command of the stage..even sitting down. Gives me chills. No wonder teenage girls were swooning when he was in his prime.

  4. I love Elvis Presley and all his album! It never gets old and will always be remembered. A Number one for me.

    Denmark WA

  5. Elvis Presley is such a legend. Btw, try to listen to LeAnne Rimes' version of unchained melody. She really has a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing this one.
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