Monday, May 21, 2012

Fairies Wear Boots (1970)

Guitarist Tony Iommi spends most of the time hiding behind Ozzie Osbourne in this vintage video. Beginning at the 3m 54s mark, you get a brief glimpse of his famous finger prostheses; Iommi lost some fingertips on his right hand while working in a sheet metal shop at age 17. Despite the injuries, and inspired by Django Reinhardt, Iommi went on to commercial success with Black Sabbath. He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. I'm going to read his autobiography, Iron Man.


  1. Ha! Haven't heard this in ages. Wasn't this on their Paranoid album? Good find. Thanks for sharing this, Bruce.

  2. Yes it was on Paranoid! I had the LP and saw them live in 1974. Man did they suck. They were about an hour late for the show and played for like 45 minutes.

  3. I always thought that fairies wore penny loafers so that they could walk lightly. Paranoid was one of my favorite Black Sabbath albums.