Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elusive Butterfly (1966)


  1. This one brought back memories, connected to the Glen Campbell version played in the 70's. I also appreciated your recent twitter message. This post along with TY's dressing room story brought again to mind the power of one, as Lind states the songs he has written have been sung by over 200 artists!

    (Those fluttering by the purple allium were Red Admirals. According to this report, they are undergoing a population explosionin the Chicago area.)

  2. I didn't know Glen Campbell did a version of that!

    Thanks for the intel. We have migrating hummingbirds here on shore and migrating whales offshore.

  3. There are always migrating whales in Vegas.

  4. very cool song.

    Now get your ass back to TY, pronto. It needs your wit and insight.

    I meant, please get your ass back to TY, pronto.