Friday, August 26, 2011

Pistol Wars: Kimber SS Target II

The contender: Kimber SS Target II

Caliber: 9mm

In your hand: Kimber is American made. Here is the company's blurb. This 9mm is heavier than both the Ruger and the Glock and so the recoil is noticeably less. The magazine holds 10 rounds, and bullets are fed with a spring-loaded clip in the handle. The design is a knock off of the Kimber 1911 .45 cal model I reviewed back here. I really like this design.

On the range: Sighting was OK. Again I was able to put 8 out 10 rounds within a 5 inch circle at 10 yards. I thought I would score perfectly with this one but I didn't.

Overall: So far this Kimber is my first choice among 9mm's. What I should do is try both Kimbers (the .45 and the 9mm at the same time for a better comparison. My son and I shoot up enough bullets each week (he's practicing on rifles) that it just gets very expensive very fast. If the price of ammo keeps going up, America's next shooting war could break the bank.

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