Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home On The Range

I rejoined a local shooting range. They have dozens of different pistols and rifles to use and try out. They also sell guns, but I'm not interested in that right now. This is a father/son thing and my boy really likes doing it. I explained my attitude about guns back here. I'm interested in the history of many things and I've decided to familiarize myself with many "classic" weapons available at the range. 

An arbitrary starting point is the M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. This weapon, invented by John Browning, was used continuously by US Armed Forces between 1911 and 1985. Most people recognize its classic lines: Link

Iron Sights doesn't have any original M1911s for use (they do have a couple for sale).  The American company Kimber America makes a whole bunch of 1911 style 45's and I picked Stainless Pro Raptor II. Here's a photo of the one we shot:

Kimber Stainless Pro Raptor II .45 cal
The Raptor II is pretty comfortable to shoot. There isn't a lot of recoil for a .45 caliber. I don't like it as well as the Kimber Gold Match II, which they used to have but no longer stock.


  1. I was never big on the shooting range stuff. I mean I have gone with some cop buddies and stuff. I was always more of an archer. I used to have a bow and all the equipment and belonged to the archery club in high school.

    You don't need a permit for a bow and arrow in NYC.

  2. You don't need a permit for a bow and arrow in NYC.

    And Cupid reigns at will.

  3. I was never big on the shooting range stuff.

    Actually it was blake who first gave me the idea. At the time I was frustrated because I had just given my son a BB gun and was trying to show him some things out in field when a neighbor came out to tell me that it was illegal.

    At the range you can sign up, sign the waivers, and be free to shoot. My wife is not thrilled with all this but that's part of the appeal. :)

  4. I've pumped enough lead slugs here and there in my life to create an environmental crisis. Sometimes they hit the target. I don't shoot as much now as I used to but that's not to say that I can't put ordnance on target anymore.

    The 1911's made by Kimber are all fine weapons. I'm a .45 shooter by choice so I approve of your selection a try-out. If you need somebody to explain stance, technique, etc. let me know and I'll drive down some day.

  5. Glad to see you're out shooting with the boy. I had bad parents, all I got to shoot sticks (didn't even get me any toy guns - ho hum).

    These days I overcompensate: mossberg 590 shotgun, sig 225 and 250, and the ubiquitous AR 15 just because it pisses people off. Happy times.

  6. Candle, I love the recommends! We did shoot a 20 gauge shotgun a couple weeks ago. My son said he wants to shoot rifles this weekend. I'll try and steer him to some classics.