Friday, March 25, 2011

Letters Home: "I finally made P.F.C."

Mar 25, 1953
Dear Mom Dad and all,
Its been another nice day. I finally made P.F.C. It took long enough. Ratings are just starting to come out good now. It shouldn’t take us long for Cpl. 
Nothing new is happening over here. I think I’ll take the top off of my jeep. I already got the doors off. 
I sure didn’t do much work today. Just changed oil in my jeep. 
I sure wished R. could take my job. He would have it made. How is he getting along with the draft board?
R. was his younger brother. He was drafted and also served, even though hostilities ceased in Korea that summer.


  1. I still remember my Uncle R. yucking it up over the original Altman film M*A*S*H* when it came out (which I was too young to see).

    "That's how it really was" he said to my dad, taking another swig out of a can of beer.

    That's how I learned about the grown-up movies back then. That and from Mad Magazine.

  2. M*A*S*H was a documentary. So was "WAG THE DOG".

  3. This continues to be a great series.